Where is your heart?

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Jesus turns the comforting words to his “little flock” into a command that should make us take notice.  People Get Ready!  Jesus’ expectation is that his followers will give away all they have for something much more valuable, the kingdom.

As long as humanity has existed, we’ve experienced anxieties for many reasons, scarcity, oppression, depression and where violence has become one of the main anxieties, we face on too frequent  a basis.

And it is here that we can find hope in the fact that it is God’s pleasure to give us the Kingdom. When the world points to giving us fear and hatred, God points to love and peace.  Where do we focus the energy of our heart, in fear or in love.  Join us on Sunday as we continue our exploration of Luke’s Gospel.  Our service starts at 10 am in-person or on-line at Facebook Live or YouTube.  The bulletin is found on the virtual bulletin page.