God’s Promise-Our Response

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For where we expect God to come in might, God comes in weakness; where we look for God to come in power, God comes in vulnerability.

When we seek God in justice and righteousness, we find God (or rather are found by God!) in forgiveness and mercy.

This is the claim and promise Jesus makes today: that God became incarnate; took on flesh, became just like us, so that God might all people who come to faith by God’s word!  In the sacraments we find God’s promise to take hold of us and make us God’s own, to remain with us and to never let us go.

Our response to the love and promises of God is evidenced in our stewardship of all that we have received.  Join us this Sunday as we conclude our stewardship study, In Giving, we Receive.  Worship begins at 10am in-person or on-line via Facebook Live or YouTube.  The bulletin for worship is found on the virtual bulletin tab on our website.  May God Bless You!