Sowing the Seeds of God’s Word

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A Sower went out to sow. What does he sow? Jesus says that the Sower sows the Word of God.

Who is the Sower? The Sower is anyone who sows the word of God, you and me. The Sower is anyone who shares God’s word, spreading the seed as he goes.

How does the Sower sow the seed?  Jesus taught this parable on the shore for all to hear, sowing the seed of the word on all kinds of soil. The seed is spread far and wide on all kinds of ground. Some falls on the hard path; some falls into good soil.

Join us on Sunday as we move with the Gospel message of sowing the seeds and learn about the different places the seed lands. We begin worship at 10 am.  All are welcome either in-person or on-line.   The bulletin can be found on this website in the virtual bulletin tab. We look forward to seeing you!