Just outside the southern wall of the church lies the Memorial Garden for the interment of cremains. The Garden consists of an outer ellipse and an inner ellipse. The cremains are interred within the inner ellipse in a box provided by the church in lettered and numbered plots. At the center of this ellipse is a granite Celtic cross. The cap of the wall of the outer ellipse provides seating for those who visit the garden. Plantings surrounding the outer ellipse as well as plantings enclosing the adjacent churchyard complete the park-like setting. Bronze plaques bearing the names and dates of those interred in the Memorial Garden are affixed to the wall of the church.

The Memorial Garden was designed by George Clark and dedicated in 1998. It is available for past or present members of the church. Non-church members who have made a meaningful contribution to the life and work of St. Bartholomew’s, or expressed a desire to be buried there may also be interred at the discretion of the Rector and Trustees of the Memorial Garden.

The Memorial Garden is not operated for profit and thus there are no specific fees for interment. Families are asked to cover the cost of the bronze name plaques and encouraged to make a donation to the Memorial Garden Fund. Income from this fund is used for the maintenance and operation of the Garden.