The Seeds of Forgiveness

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“Jesus, how often should I forgive?” Of course, Jesus’ response to Peter’s question doesn’t really provide an answer but rather points out the misdirection of the question itself. How many times should we forgive?   The issue is not how much or how often we are asked to forgive or should forgive. The seeds of forgiveness are part and parcel of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Peter asks Jesus, is seven times enough to forgive?  Jesus tells Peter – no, how about seventy-seven times?  The alternative translation is even larger – seventy times seven, which takes us to 4900 offenses.  Too many to keep track of.  Just stop counting and keep on forgiving.

Join us on Sunday as we reflect on the seeds of forgiveness and continue to receive the Holy Spirit into our lives and ministry. We begin worship at 10 am.  All are welcome either in-person or on-line and the bulletin can be found on this website in the virtual bulletin tab. We look forward to seeing you!