True Authority

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We live in an age that questions most forms of authority. Many are skeptical. Survival mode has taken hold. We wonder what the future holds. We want to build walls and draw lines to separate and divide, to protect ourselves. But Jesus comes and tears down the walls and erases the lines.

Jesus’ authority comes not from his position in society but from somewhere beyond himself.  It comes from his intimate relationship with God.

Authority is embodied through a sense of call.  Good teachers, for example, have authority, because of their God-given gifts, because God has called them to be teachers.   Good teachers are teachers for the right reasons.  They teach not for the money, not for the prestige, they teach because they’re called, because it’s who they are as compassionate, caring, gracious people.  And it’s those God-given, God-blessed aspects of their person that gives their teaching authority.

Join us on Sunday as we receive the Holy Spirit into our lives and ministry. A gift from the King of Kings.  We begin worship at 10 am.  All are welcome either in-person or on-line and the bulletin can be found on this website in the virtual bulletin tab. We look forward to seeing you!