Let’s Go Fishing!

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We Christians are called to go fishing. Fishing for people.  We are called to be disciples who say to others, “Come and see Jesus.”

We cannot be an effective in sharing the good news unless we have actually been caught by Jesus Christ. We need to speak to others out of our personal experience of having been caught by Jesus Christ, of having come and seen the goodness and greatness of the love of God in Jesus.

After Jesus’ words to his disciples to “follow him,” Jesus then tells his disciples that they will “become” fishers of men. In their years together, Jesus will teach his disciples to become evangelists. From those first days, the teaching continues. Let us together learn from Jesus how to inspire others through our own story of our experience of Jesus’ love.

Join us on Sunday as we receive the Holy Spirit into our lives and ministry. A gift from the King of Kings.  We begin worship at 10 am.  All are welcome either in-person or on-line and the bulletin can be found on this website in the virtual bulletin tab. We look forward to seeing you!