Tend and Keep the Garden

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Creating the earth and all life forms on it was God’s way of showing God’s creativity.  God invited Adam to help in God’s design. God offered Adam the opportunity to name all the animals God made.  Adam was also given the invitation to work and care for the Garden. He was given a job to do that filled his time with purpose and allowed him to enter into God’s work and share it with the creator himself.

We are also invited to work and care for the garden.  There are many gardens that God joins us in, those that grow flowers and vegetables, those that feed the hungry, house the homeless, those that provide support, those that share the burdens of life’s journey.  There are many ways to care for the garden of life and God invites us to join in a deeper understanding of the stewardship of the seeds God planted.

Join us on Sunday as we reflect on the seeds of the cultivation and care of God’s Garden and continue to receive the Holy Spirit into our lives and ministry. We begin worship at 10 am.  All are welcome either in-person or on-line and the bulletin can be found on this website in the virtual bulletin tab. We look forward to seeing you!